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Stop Smoking

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Hypnotherapy is a tried and tested way to stop smoking, with many people stopping after just one session. Our 22-minute Stop Smoking track puts these techniques in a format you can use whenever and wherever you need it. Used regularly, it will encourage your subconscious mind to move towards health-promoting choices, making it much easier to resist cravings, drastically reducing the impulse to light up a cigarette and helping you to feel very relaxed without smoking.

  • How to Buy

    Click ‘Buy Now’ to go to our secure checkout. We accept all major credit and debit cards as well as Paypal. Immediately after your transaction is processed, your chosen track will be emailed to you to download.

  • How to Play

    Once purchased, you’ll receive an email with the track to download in mp3 format, ready to listen in your music player app or on your desktop. If you don’t already have a music reader installed on your device, Pulsar is available free in the Google Play Store.

How to Listen

Make sure to find a quiet, safe space to sit or lie down where you’ll be free from interruptions by other people, telephones or even pets. Typically, you will need about 30 minutes, although some of the tracks are shorter.

Since you will be closing your eyes, you should not listen to these tracks while driving a vehicle or operating machinery. Initially it is recommended that you listen to the track every day or every other day, gradually reducing the frequency as you begin to feel the benefits.